Foundations and Fundraisers

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre is owned and operated by the City of Bunbury. It is, above all else, a community facility.

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre has had significant business and community support to achieve the contemporary exhibition fitout standards. In turn, this has enabled the museum to ask major cultural partners to loan objects which can only be cared for with this highest exhibition standards.

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre Foundation Fundraising committee and sponsors are:

  • Stephen and Maria Craddock, Bon Marche Mensland
  • The Chefs Long Table Lunch
  • Bunbury Built Heritage Group
  • Bunbury Timber Jetty Environment and Conservation Society (Inc.)
  • Stephen Foster
  • Summit Realty
  • Paul Vukelic, Vukelic Holdings
  • Commercial Realty,
  • Bunbury City Glass
  • Thompson Surveying Consultants
  • Kevin and Annette Coote
  • Roger and Margot Veen
  • John Drinkwater
  • Murray Harris, Tyrepower Bunbury
  • Ray and Joy Frisina
  • Norm and Betty McCleary
  • Tom McDonell
  • Helena Sahm and Jim Stephen
  • Mark Mazza, South West Express

While the museum depends largely on object donations to develop the collection, from time to time an outstanding object with significant value is offered. Ongoing fundraising is essential to keep the exhibitions and collection developing in line with the aspirations of the Bunbury community, and your support is invited.

The Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre has a tax deductible status. Please check with your financial adviser about the advantages of donating under the ATO’s tax deductible provisions or the Cultural Gifts Program.

For more information contact us on 08 9792 7286.